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Through this website, you can file for your weekly unemployment insurance payment and check on the status of your unemployment insurance benefits. To begin, please log in below using your SSN and PIN. If you currently use "TeleBenefits", your PIN will be the same if you decide to use "WebBenefits".  If you have never used "TeleBenefits" and have not established a PIN, call "TeleBenefits" to establish your PIN.   The information hotline number for New Castle County is 302-761-6576, and for outside New Castle County it is 800-794-3032.
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Unless exempt by Delaware and/or federal unemployment insurance law, you must actively look for work each week you file for unemployment insurance benefits. You must also keep a record of your work search activity on the "work search log" provided to you. The Division of Unemployment Insurance's partner division, the Division of Employment & Training (DET), offers resources to help maximize your job search. Take advantage of these no-cost resources and work with DET to develop an effective work search plan that suits your needs.

Searching for work is not an easy task, but the Division of Employment & Training's resources are there to help you! Go to for more information about all the no-cost assistance available to you.