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Through this website, you can file for your weekly unemployment insurance payment and check on the status of your unemployment insurance benefits. To begin, please log in below using your SSN and PIN.

If you currently do not have a PIN established for either WebBenefits or TeleBenefits, use '9999' as the PIN. You will then be prompted to establish your own PIN.  The PIN cannot contain the same number four times and cannot be sequential (1111 or 1234).  The four-digit number you select will become your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which you will use each time you log into WebBenefits.  You are responsible for the security of your own PIN, and it serves as your electronic signature. Do not give your PIN to anyone, even family members.

For the latest information on the Division of Unemployment Insurance response to COVID-19, including Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

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Updated – 9/5/2021

THE FEDERAL CARES ACT PROGRAMS RELATED TO THE COVID PANDEMIC HAVE ENDED. Delaware will no longer be adding FPUC to regular UI claims, nor paying PUA, PEUC or MEUC claims for weeks beginning September 5th in these programs. Claims pending payment will be paid as we address our backlog. According to the US DOL, for the next 30 days, Delaware will accept only claims filed late, which are for weeks beginning PRIOR TO August 29, 2021. If you have any questions please see (FAQs).

Delaware’s Department of Labor has begun working with a partner - - to verify certain claimant's identity. ONLY IF you are selected, you will receive a paper letter in the mail. We will not send links, to prevent you from being exposed to phishing scams. You must type the URL into your web browser when you receive the letter. That same address will appear in this banner message, so that you know that it is accurate. If you receive a letter, type in this URL: Be sure to only enter this precise address as it appears on the letter you receive (do not click a link online or in an email, we’re not sending them).

NEW PHISHING SCAM!! We have NOT sent you an email (from or any other address) asking for your ID information, SSN, tax info, email address or anything else. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. SELECT NO LINKS... IT IS JUNK MAIL - DELETE IT.


You are REQUIRED to register, create and submit a resume on the Delaware Department of Labor's JobLink website,, and be eligible for Unemployment Benefits. You are ALSO REQUIRED to report your job search when you file your weekly certification. Failure to register and then complete at least one new weekly job search will result in a HOLD and potential DENIAL of your claim.

Please be aware: Unemployment fraud is an evolving issue and one that requires Delaware Department of Labor (DOL) to take extraordinary measures to address. This does not mean there was a breach of our system. We have enhanced our detection capabilities to prevent any additional fraud. For this reason, it was necessary to place a hold on some unemployment claims and they are being reviewed for potential fraudulent activity. Please contact the unemployment office by email BPC_FRAUD_UNIT@DELAWARE.GOV immediately or no later than 5 days from the date of this notice to review your claim. If you have already discussed the issue[s] pertaining to this notice you can disregard it.

It is critical that you continue to regularly FILE YOUR WEEKLY CERTIFICATIONS to minimize any potential disruptions to your benefits.

We continue to process the volume backlog resulting from CARES Act benefit programs, and are approximately 120 days behind, we are currently processing April investigations. We apologize for the inconvenience that we know this causes.

We encourage you to check here often or visit the websites located at, and, or our Facebook and Twitter pages.